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Rising Stars: The Emerging Players in PSL History

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The Pakistan Super League (PSL), a prestigious Twenty20 cricket competition, has been a breeding ground for emerging talent since its launch. In addition to showcasing the skills of well-known cricket players, the PSL has played a key role in introducing fans to fresh, bright talent who has had a big impact on domestic and international cricket. Many of these emerging players in PSL history from different parts of Pakistan used the PSL stage to showcase their abilities, tenacity, and promise. Their experiences, characterized by exciting performance and noteworthy development, have given the competition a vibrant edge and strengthened the PSL’s standing as a breeding ground for future cricketing greats.

Emerging Players as Rising Stars in PSL

A new era in Pakistan cricket was heralded by many emerging stars who made their mark in the PSL seasons. Fans were enthralled by their performances, which also helped Pakistan’s cricketing future by opening the door for their eventual admission into the national squad Pakistani cricket future and other prospects.

Since its launch in 2016, the Pakistan Super League (PSL) has not only brought back the excitement around cricket in Pakistan but has also developed into a platform for spotting and developing fresh talent. Several of the most talented emerging players who have left their mark in PSL history are listed below:

List of Emerging Players in PSL 2023

The emerging players draft 2023 includes such young players who showed promise in the first Pakistan Junior League and domestic competitions.

FranchiseEmerging Players
Karachi KingsQasim AkramIrfan Khan Niazi
Peshawar ZalmiHaseebullah KhanSufiyan Muqeem
Islamabad UnitedZeeshan ZameerHasan Nawaz
Lahore QalandarsShawaiz IrfanZaman Khan
Multan SultansIhsan UllahAbbas Afridi
Quetta GladiatorsAimal Khan Abdul Bangalzai

Emerging Player of the Season 2023

Abbas Afridi was the winner of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2023 “Emerging Player of the Season” award. Multan Sultans Player Afridi received recognition for his exceptional play during the competition. With 23 wickets, he emerged as the team’s top wicket-taker, showcasing remarkable skill and making a significant impact on their victory.

List of Emerging Players in PSL 2022

Players in the emerging category must be under 23 as of January 1, 2022, and they may have participated in fewer than 10 PSL games during a season but have not been chosen for the national team.

FranchiseEmerging Players
Karachi KingsFaisal AkramQasim Akram
Peshawar ZalmiSirajuddinMohammad Amir Khan
Islamabad UnitedMubashir Khan Zeeshan Zameer
Lahore QalandarsZaman KhanMaaz Khan
Multan SultansAbbas AfridiAamer Azmat
Quetta GladiatorsAbdul Bangalzai Ashir Quraishi

Emerging Player of the Season 2022

Zaman Khan, a player from Lahore Qalandars, was named Emerging Player of the Season in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2022. Young, promising players who have demonstrated exceptional performance and promise during the season are honored with this award. This esteemed award was made possible for Zaman by his outstanding abilities and accomplishments on the field, underscoring his bright future in the cricket world.

List of Emerging Players in PSL 2021

PSL draft 2021 includes the following emerging players:

FranchiseEmerging Players
Karachi KingsQasim Akram
Peshawar ZalmiAbrar AhmadMohammad Imran
Islamabad UnitedMohammad WaseemAhmad Safi Abdullah
Lahore QalandarsMaaz KhanMuhammad Zaid
Multan SultansShahnawaz DahaniMohammad Umar
Quetta GladiatorsSaim AyubArish Ali Khan

Emerging Player of the Season 2021

Shahnawaz Dahani of the Multan Sultans was named the Emerging Player of the Season in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2021. Shahnawaz Dahani received praise for his exceptional performance in the competition, especially his bowling, as he finished the top wicket-taker in 11 games with 20 wickets.

List of Emerging Players in PSL 2020

PSL draft 2020 took place on 6 December 2019 and includes the following emerging players:

FranchiseEmerging Players
Karachi KingsArshad Iqbal
Peshawar ZalmiMohammad Amir KhanHaider Ali Khan
Islamabad UnitedAkif Javaid Ahmad Safi Abdullah
Lahore QalandarsMuhammad FaizanMaaz Khan
Multan SultansRohail Nazir
Quetta GladiatorsArish Ali KhanAzam Khan

Emerging Player of the Season 2020

Haider Ali of Peshawar Zalmi was named the Emerging Player of the Season in the Pakistan Super League (IPL) 2020. He was honored for his outstanding batting effort, which included 239 runs in 10 innings at a strike average of 157.23 and an average of 26.55. the gifted middle-order batsman had a good debut campaign, highlighted by a half-century from him.

List of Emerging Players in PSL 2019

Following is the list of emerging players in PSL 2019:

FranchiseEmerging Players
Karachi KingsUmer KhanAbrar Ahmed
Peshawar ZalmiNabi Gul
Islamabad UnitedMuhammad MusaNasir Nawaz
Lahore QalandarsMuhammad ImranUmair Masood
Multan SultansMuhammad Ilyas
Quetta GladiatorsGhulam MudassarNaseem Shah

Emerging Player of the Season 2019

Umer Khan from Karachi Kings won the Emerging Player of the Season award in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2019. Umer Khan won praise for his exceptional performance throughout the competition, especially for getting crucial wickets. His efforts were in enabling the Karachi Kings to make it to the postseason.

List of Emerging Players in PSL 2018

A list of emerging players in PSL 2018 is given below:

ClassIslamabad UnitedKarachi KingsLahore QalandarsMultan SultansPeshawar ZalmiQuetta Gladiators
Emerging Round 1Mohammad IrfanAbdullah ShafiqueSameen GulSaud Shakeel
Emerging Round 2Sahibzada FarhanHasan MohsinShaheen AfridiSaif BadarIbtisam SheikhHasan Khan

Emerging Player of the Season 2018

Ibtisam Sheikh was acknowledged as an Emerging Player of the Season in the Pakistan Super League (2018). He played for Peshawar Zalmi, and in his first season, he had a significant impact. His exploits, especially in the opening games of the competition, attracted notice and appreciation. He took five wickets at a very respectable pace. Sheikh was considered a developing player whose selection and PSL achievements were expected to pave the way for his eventual inclusion in the national squad.

List of Emerging Players in PSL 2017

A list of emerging players in PSL 2017 is given below:

FranchiseEmerging Players
Karachi KingsAbdul AmeerAbrar Ahmed
Peshawar ZalmiHassan AliMuhammad Asghar
Islamabad UnitedAmad ButHussain Talat
Lahore QalandarsGhulam MudassarUsman Qadir
Multan Sultans
Quetta GladiatorsHasan Khan Noor Wali

Emerging Player of the Season 2017

Hasan Khan from Quetta Gladiators became an Emerging Player of the Season in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 2017. He was recognized for his performance that season as an all-round player. Left-arm orthodox bowler and left-handed batsman Hasan Khan had a significant influence on the league with his economical bat work and accurate bowling. His PSL was crucial in making him known as a gifted young cricket player.

List of Emerging Players in PSL 2016

A list of emerging players in PSL 2018 is given below:

FranchiseEmerging Players
Karachi KingsSaifullah BangashMir Hamza
Peshawar ZalmiHassan AliMusadiq Ahmed
Islamabad UnitedRuhman RaeesAmad Butt
Lahore QalandarsAdnan RasoolNaved Yasin
Multan Sultans
Quetta GladiatorsBismillah KhanAkbar Ur Rehman

Emerging Players of the Season 2016

In the 2016 Pakistan Super League (PSL), many Emerging players had a significant influence. Hasan Ali, signed by Peshawar Zalmi under the Emerging category, distinguished himself from the rest with his performances. Despite having just two wickets in three games during his difficult first season, he made remarkable progress in the following seasons. His improvement and promise were demonstrated by his outstanding performance in the 2017 ICC Championship Trophy and his position as the leading wicket-taker in the PSL 2019, where he recorded 25 dismissals.

Impact Beyond PSL: National and Global Recognition

The emerging players in PSL have been influenced outside of the league, especially on the national team and international cricket competitions. The triumphant tales of players who rose from PSL prominence to become global celebrities, playing for Pakistan in a variety of formats, and occasionally even establishing themselves in other premier leagues throughout the globe. Their quick ascent from backyard cricket grounds to the international arena is evidence of the nation’s strong cricketing heritage, and their performances are influencing cricket’s future in Pakistan and around the world.

The Future of PSL: Upcoming Talents to Watch

The PSL’s future as well as the young players will likely steal the show in the upcoming seasons. With an eye on the future, this viewpoint seeks to maintain fans’ and enthusiasts’ enthusiasm for the new generation of talent that will undoubtedly revitalize Pakistan cricket and the PSL in the years to come.


The Pakistan Super League has become a breeding ground for young talent. The emerging players in PSL history have become household stars of exciting talent, tenacity, and sportsmanship required by the game. The PSL has uncovered undeveloped talent year after year and provided these young talents with a platform to demonstrate their abilities on a worldwide scale. Their fast rise is a testament to the PSL’s commitment to cultivating talent, and their success stories have given new vibrancy to the cricketing landscape, domestically and internationally. There is hope for an even better future for cricket in Pakistan and elsewhere as these young stars continue to emerge.

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  1. Who are some of the most notable emerging players in PSL history?

Ans. Newcomers to the PSL including Hasan Ali, Hasan Khan, Ibtesam Sheikh, Umer Khan, Haider Ali, and many others have frequently attracted the interest of cricket novices and specialists. These athletes, who were frequently youthful and not well-known before the league, have utilized the PSL as a stage to display their abilities. Some have gone on to sign contracts with other international T20 leagues or secure spots in the national stadium.

  • What impact have emerging players had on the PSL and Pakistani cricket?

Ans. New players in the PSL have had a significant influence on Pakistani cricket. They have added new talent to the national squad, frequently bringing in fresh viewpoints and skill sets to close gaps in the lineup. Their PSL achievements have also added to the league’s expanding image as a haven for young cricket players.

  • How are emerging players selected and nurtured in the PSL?

Ans. Junior cricket leagues and domestic cricket matches are usually used to scout upcoming talents. PSL teams frequently have specialized scouting departments to find future stars. After being chosen, these players are trained and mentored by the franchise, which exposes them to elite cricket and provides them with the chances to pick up tips from seasoned national and international players. Through this process, they improve their talents and get ready for the demands and expectations of playing international cricket.

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