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Most Sixes in PSL: A Celebration of Power Hitting

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The Pakistan Super League (PSL), a dynamic and thrilling T20 league, has become a showcase for some of the most explosive batting abilities in the cricketing world. The sheer quantity of sixes that are stuck during games in this competition is among its most exciting features. One of the most thrilling competitions in the race to hit the most sixes in PSL, which calls for tremendous strength, fast thinking, and perfect timing. This record captures the essence of T20 cricket, where bravery and aggression are valued highly, rather than only serving as a gauge of individual skill. The player who now owns the record for the most sixes in PSL history is a living example of talent, dependability, and charisma. By going into the specifics of this incredible accomplishment, let’s examine the path and the standout plays that have had a lasting impact on the PSL and its global fan base.

The Power Hitters of PSL

The PSL has had the good fortune to see some of the most potent batting players in Twenty20 cricket. These athletes have not only dazzled the crowd with their daring power hits, but they have been instrumental in helping their teams.

most-sixes-in-the-psl-cricket-jazba | most sixes in the psl

Most Sixes in PSL 2023

1.Fakhar ZamanLahore Qalandars271313115160.67
2.Rilee RossouwMultan Sultans211111121171.59
3.Tom Kohler-CadmorePeshawar Zalmi21121292160.10
4.Colin MunroIslamabad United20111163169.32
5.Kieron PollardMultan Sultan18111057163.52

Fakhar Zaman has been a reliable performer in the PSL 2023, topping the leaderboard. Being able to effortlessly clear the boundary and having excellent hand-eye coordination has made him a terror for bowlers and made a record of big record in the world. Throughout the season, Zaman emerged as a prominent performer, particularly because of his effortless ability to clear the boundary ropes. He was an important member of his team’s lineup and a fan favorite due to his ability to take on even the most formidable bowlers and his most sixes in PSL 2023 turned the tide of a match in a few of overs.

Most Sixes in PSL 2022

1.Tim DavidMultan Sultans21111127839.71
2.Fakhar ZamanLahore Qalandars20131358845.23
3.Azam KhanIslamabad United19121129629.60
4.Shadab KhanIslamabad United189826833.50
5.Sharjeel KhanKarachi Kings14101023123.10

Tim David whose six-hitting ability has wowed the most sixes in PSL 8. His ability to knock sixes in crucial moments has helped his club win many games. David, an Australian, was a sight to behold at the bat, dominating bowlers with his extraordinary strengths and accurate timing. David’s PSL 2022 performance demonstrated his proficiency as a T20 specialist, and his tournament record for PSL most sixes was a fair tribute to his potent batting style.

Most Sixes in PSL 2021

1.Sharjeel KhanKarachi Kings23111133830.72
2.Sohaib MaqsoodMultan Sultans22121242847.55
3.Sherfane RutherfordPeshawar Zalmi21131227634.50
4.Asif AliIslamabad United18121022428.00
5.Shoaib MalikPeshawar Zalmi17131335435.40

Sharjeel Khan, who is well-known for his raw strength, loves to launch the ball over the ropes. His sixes are notable for both their sheer quantity and the amazing lengths they go. Sharjeel Khan demonstrated an aggressive batting style during the season, regularly taking on bowlers from different teams. Given that he topped the statistics for most sixes hit during the event, his ability to hit sixes was very impressive. Sharjeel was a noteworthy performer in the PSL 2021, demonstrating his exceptional timing and hand-eye coordination by hitting maximums.

Most Sixes in PSL 2020

1.Ben DunkLahore Qalandars23111030037.50
2.Shane WatsonQuetta Gladiators169924727.44
3.Chris LynnLahore Qalandars168828440.57
4.Sharjeel KhanKarachi Kings16111121621.60
5.Colin MunroIslamabad United158824835.42

Ben Dunk is a master of strength and finesse. With his graceful yet strong blows, he has been crucial in destroying bowling attacks. He is known for picking the length early. Playing for Lahore Qalandars, Dunk’s forceful and audacious batting style turned heads and broke records. Dunk’s performance in the PSL 2020 cemented his status as a powerful  T20 batter and made a lasting impression on the tournament’s history, especially his record for the most sixes.

Most Sixes in PSL 2019










Asif Ali

Islamabad United







Kieron Pollard

Peshawar Zalmi







Shane Watson

Quetta Gladiators







Kamran Akmal

Peshawar Zalmi







Luke Ronchi

Islamabad United






Asif Ali is a real entertainer; his sixes frequently arrive in a rush. Being able to demonstrate the innings has made him one of the league’s most dangerous hitters. Asif was one of the most feared batsmen in PSL 2019 because of his incredible six-hitting ability. In addition to showcasing his outstanding accomplishments made a substantial contribution to the PSL’s signature high-octane excitement.

Most Sixes in PSL 2018

1.Kamran AkmalPeshawar Zalmi28131342538.63
2.Luke RonchiIslamabad United24111123543.50
3.Shane WatsonQuetta Gladiators22101031935.44
4.Dwayne SmithPeshawar Zalmi1610925231.50
5.Colin IngramKarachi Kings16111124334.71

Kamran Akmal had a big influence with his six-hitting skills. He stands out among the other players on this list because of his unusual strokes and gap-finding skills. Known for his forceful batting approach, Akmal astounded spectators and rivals with his extraordinary ability to clear the boundaries.

Most Sixes in PSL 2017

1.Kamran AkmalPeshawar Zalmi16111135332.09
2.Shahid AfridiPeshawar Zalmi1510817725.28
3.Chris GayleKarachi Kings149916017.77
4.Kevin PietersenQuetta Gladiators148824134.42
5.Sunil NarineLahore Qalandars118711619.33

Kamran Akmal, the explosive wicketkeeper-batsman, broke records in the PSL 2017 by smashing the most sixes in the competition and displaying his extraordinary power-hitting abilities. Throughout the entire competition, his ability to hit sixes was unmatched. He often sent bowlers over the fence by combining perfect timing with pure force.

Most Sixes in PSL 2016

1.Sharjeel KhanIslamabad United19111129929.90
2.Umar AkmalLahore Qalandars177733583.75
3.Shane WatsonIslamabad United116619432.33
4.Brad HaddinIslamabad United118818847.00
5.Ravi BoparaKarachi Kings119832954.83

Sharjeel Khan, a power-hitter, left his imprint in the PSL 2016 by hitting the most sixes, displaying his extraordinary skill and strength in the T20 format. In addition to entertaining cricket fans, his incredible performances demonstrated his potential as a vital member of the Pakistan Super League.

The Impact on the Game

These heavyweights have an impact that goes beyond their entertainment value. T20 cricket batting tactics have been reinterpreted, particularly in the PSL. Their propensity for hitting sixes has put bowlers under tremendous duress and frequently altered the course of the game in a matter of delivers.

most-sixes-in-the-psl-cricket-jazba | most sixes in the psl

Memorable Six-Hitting Feats

There have been some notable six-hitting performances in the PSL. Sixes have been crucial in many league moments throughout PSL history, from last-over finishes to setting up massive totals.

most-sixes-in-the-psl-cricket-jazba | most sixes in the psl

The Future of Six-Hitting in PSL

We could expect to see more batters establish themselves in the six-hitting lists as the competition develops. The PSL and its supporters, who love watching the ball go over the boundary, have a bright future ahead of them with the emergence of youthful talent and the participation of international stars.

most-sixes-in-the-psl-cricket-jazba | most sixes in the psl


In conclusion, the record for the most sixes in PSL is a monument to individual skill and illustrates how T20 cricket is changing. Given addition to demonstrating exceptional power-hitting abilities, players who have accomplished this feat have also shown how aggressive batting is becoming more and more important given the game’s abbreviated structure. The PSL has made a name for itself as a league that honors the craft of six-hitting due to its diverse roster of power hitters. Because of these batsmen’s ability to amuse as well as affect T20 cricket’s technical elements, cricket fans worldwide eagerly await the PSL. The records will probably be contested as the league expands, so fans may anticipate more breathtaking six-hitting exploits in the seasons to come.

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